Expandable Living at Ovation in Seattle

Welcome to a new type of apartment. Ovation is excited to be the first apartment community in Seattle to offer Ori, space-saving, expandable furniture. From the Pocket Closet to the Pocket Studio, the Ori systems will provide options for residents to enjoy modern furniture while opening up their apartment to new possibilities.

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The Ori Pocket Studio

A new take on a semi-furnished apartment home at Ovation. Move right in with built-in essentials that will double your space. With the Ori Pocket Studio, you gain a bed, dining table/workstation, media console, and dresser all in one. Simply touch a button or use voice command and the Pocket Studio will open to reveal a bedroom nook, or slides away to reveal an expansive living space or walk-through closet. 

The Ori Pocket Office

Upgrade your home office at Ovation with the Ori Pocket Office. Transform a fixed wall into a home office setup that adapts with you as you move through your day. With a touch of a button or a simple voice command, create a space that you need anytime of the day. Whether for work or entertaining, this setup caters to you. 

The Ori Pocket Closet

Get more from your studio with the Ori Pocket Closet. Move walls and make more room for your lifestyle. The Ori Expandable Studio+ homes turn a fixed dividing wall into a walk-in closet with a touch of a button.